Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is divided in two parts: for clients and for creatives looking for collaboration.


Question: Why don’t you include retouching in your packages?

Answer: Retouching is time consuming and it can become expensive. In order to keep my prices down I have removed retouching from it and made it available as an extra. This way instead of having a package including 10 retouched images and having to put the prices up, you can decided how many and which images to be retouched, after the shoot, if any. Some shoots end up not needing retouching at all so you will be paying for something that’s not necessary. Also, when shooting for agencies’ look books, for example, they will ask the photos not to be retouched.

Q: Do your prices include any prints?

A: I do not run my business based on prints. I understand how frustrating it can be to pay for a shoot then having to pay for prints to get your photos, I’ve been there myself with my wife once. If you hire me for your photoshoot and we agree on, for example, 20 images in high resolution, you get your 20 images in high resolution, period. You can then go and print them anywhere you would like.

I do have my high quality print supplier and my print prices are very affordable, because it only includes the cost of the print and my time retouching (yes, if you order prints from me the photos will be retouched). I also advise against printing your photos anywhere cheap, but it is your decision ultimately.

Q: I’m not a model, can I still shoot with you?

A: You sure can!! Not all my clients are models. I have packages for headshots and portraiture to create some stunning images of you, no matter what you do for a living! My goal is to make you feel and look amazing, whilst having fun at the same time!

Just contact me and let me know what you are looking for!


Creatives looking for collaboration

Question: Why do you charge a fee for your collaborations?

Answer: Photography is my full time job and because of that, every time I pick up my camera, there are costs involved. From camera maintenance to electricity when editing photos, I’m the one having to pay for that and I don’t have another job, so if another creative asks me to shoot, these costs will have to be shared.

Q: So it’s not a collaboration as I’m paying you?

A: I guess we could call it anything, but what I charge for collaborations include ALL costs BUT my time. So I am shooting for free, my “wages” are not included.

Q: I filled up your form and haven’t received a reply yet.

A: You will. If you haven’t received a message back from me don’t worry, I try my best to prioritise my communication with everyone. All messages about collaboration go to a file and they are all considered.

Q: I did receive a message back but your answer was “no”.

A: If my answer was no, I probably explained why in the message. But generally speaking if I answer no it’s because what you’re offering doesn’t help me in any way, it’s something I’m not interested or I simply don’t have the time.

Q: Why do you have to be such a pain with so much information in your website and so many formal things?

A: I have no intention to be a pain but I believe good communication is key for anything. I rather have all the information available so there’s no confusion about what I do and how I do it. I promise I’m not such a pain in person and all my shoots are a lot of fun (please feel free to ask people I worked with) 🙂

Q: What’s the best way to contact you about collaborations?

A: Please fill up one of my collaboration forms: