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“Photographs put time into such a perspective. They humble us and our selfish memories”

– Wim Wenders






Professional portrait and fashion photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.


A photograph is only as interesting as its subject. My photography is not about me, it’s all about you. I want to capture your true essence, your inner self, the real you.


A few of my clients:

Official Photographer for Designer Q Red Carpet 2017 Event

WINK Models



Sawasdee Australia Magazine


My Interview for Designer Q Magazine

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Designer Q Magazine: First of all tell us about about yourself. 

My name is Bruno and I was born in the most Southern part of Brazil, moving to Australia with my wife in 2009. I’ve been in IT for my whole life but always loved photography and fashion. In my teens I had big prints of Cindy, Claudia, Naomi and others hanging on my walls (my girlfriends’ main complaints about my room).

For many years I thought about becoming a photographer, but there was always something else happening, I always had excuses, reasons why not to do it, until recently when I decided to take the leap and follow my passion.


DQ: When did you become interested in photography? 

I’m a digital photography era baby. Being in tech for so long, the digital revolution in photography was what caught my eye at first. Mix that with my teenager crush for the supermodels’ beauty, my interest for capturing peoples’ emotions kept growing throughout the years.

DQ: Did you study photography or is it all natural talent for you? 

I haven’t studied through the conventional educational system, although I had a couple of photography classes when studying a bachelor in Marketing and Advertising, but it also didn’t come naturally. When I decided to put aside all my excuses and go for it, I started researching heavily. I watched hundreds of hours of video tutorials, read countless articles and made sure to attend photography workshops with the best in business, with the likes of Peter Coulson.


DQ: What do you love shooting the most? 

I love to capture human emotions. I try to convey true emotion through all my images including fashion photography. Whilst I love shooting stunning models wearing incredible designs, I still like to tell a story or convey a feeling with my images and for that I need true raw emotion. I’m not a photographer fabricating poses by the millimetre, but instead capturing the real. Allowing them the freedom to be natural whilst still achieving the look I want for that particular shoot.


DQ: What’s your favourite locations to shoot? 

It keeps changing. At some point my favourite place to shoot was in a messy, but very real in-staged living room with good natural light. Right now, I’m loving studio work. Big studio, small studio, it doesn’t matter!


DQ: Who is your favourite photographer and why? 

Peter Coulson. There are so many reasons! His work is amazing and his tutoring is incredible. Peter doesn’t hold information back when teaching, and yet not many people can do what he does. His main advice, the one that changed everything for me was: leave the camera clubs where they tell you what and how you should do it; start breaking the so called rules and bring art back to photography.


DQ: What’s your most proudest moment so far? 

That’s tough. When I can go beyond what a client is expecting, and I can see a wow in their eyes, I know I have done well. I believe my job is always doing more than what’s expected, going that extra mile, and if I can do that, I’m super proud!!!


DQ: What’s it like to be shooting for Designer Q? 

Oh well, just another job! JOKING! Niki was one of the first people I met in the industry and everytime we get to work together it’s fantastic. Designer Q is THE fashion event in my calendar. Last year I was overseas and was very sad I missed it, so this year I am honoured to be shooting for the event.


DQ: Worst job you ever had to shoot and why? 

I’m very fortunate in that regard, can’t say I ever had a bad job to shoot. I had a couple of shoots I couldn’t connect with the model so the emotions were not there and although the images were good, I felt like a complete failure. It is rare these days to have bad shoots, but any negative past experience I put down to lack of experience on mine or the models part. Over the years I have come to understand that the connection might not be there sometimes and it’s part of my job to get those emotions and great shots regardless.


DQ: What does fashion mean to you? 

I love all things that celebrate human beauty and creativity. Fashion is the ultimate art when it comes to that, as a visual and tactile form of self expression. Fashion and the true emotion I look for in my models complement each other. I love both simple or complex designs, that can bring out or emphasise emotions from the people wearing them.


DQ: Describe yourself in 4 words. 

Friendly (that’s what people say), simplistic, efficient (I love efficiency!!), talkative (yep, I never shut up).


DQ: Any advice for young photographers starting out?

Wow, lots! But I think the main ones are not just for photographers but any professional in any area. Please keep in mind what’s true to me might not be true to you.

Be yourself in your work, don’t try to copy others. If you lack the inspiration, get it from others, but add something yours to it, don’t copy.

Always be nice to people. If not for the fact you might need them to be nice to you in the future, maybe just because it’s the right thing to do? If you are having a bad day, fine, just never be rude to anyone. Everyone comes from a different background, childhood or lifestyle so be open minded and understanding, but mostly be respectful.

Respect and protect your models.

Be professional. No matter who you’re working with, it could be your best friend but you still need to keep the professionalism. Be punctual, underpromise and overdeliver. Always say the truth. If the truth is going to hurt someone’s feelings, try to find a better way to say it or don’t say anything, but don’t say things you don’t believe are true.

Praise the good people you meet on the way, and don’t waste your energy on the bad ones. That means don’t even bother talking about them. If you don’t have something good to say about someone, it might be better to say nothing at all.

Keep learning. Try to learn something new on every job. Even if it’s something very small and simple. When you stop learning, your work stagnates. Most things in art just cannot be mastered, there will always be something else to reach for. It’s an endless effort that will never end, but it’s totally worth it!

Practice. All the workshops, tutorials, articles and Youtube videos will not make you a good photographer if you don’t take photos.

Stop giving yourself excuses. I have no time; my camera is not professional; I’m not good enough. I only started to get better when I stopped telling myself those things.

I think that’s good enough for now or this will start looking like a self-help article!!! So my ultimate advice for photographers is: find what you love to shoot, go out and shoot it!


You can purchase the full magazine here.

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