Photo of the Week: Carol

Model: Carol Larsen
Agency: Freelancer
Location: Carol’s Home
Shoot: Alma
Date: September 2016

Carol was one of the first models I started following at the beginning of my photography career. She’s not only stunning, but an amazing artist all together: she’s a model, photographer, graphic designer, gamer…

I was waiting until I had more experience to contact her for a shoot but she ended up contacting me first! Needless to say I was over the moon!

So we agreed to shoot for a little project I have called Alma, which is pretty much shooting with natural light from the window, at the model’s place (it has to be their window), with eye contact and in black & white.

I haven’t for this project much lately but I do miss it!

Sony A7R II + Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM
ISO 800, 1/25s, f/1.4
Processed in Adobe Lightroom, Retouched in Photoshop

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