At around this time last year I wrote a 2016 Year in Review with a lot of information about how things went. This year though, so many things have happened that when thinking about my year review I decided not to get into that much detail as it would take forever and no one would have time to read it!!

First, I would like to apologise for my lack in updating this blog. I promise I will try to be more active around here in the New Year, as well as getting a new website designed 🙂

So, keeping it short, this is basically what happened this year: I was made redundant from my last IT job as half the business was sold and decided to give full time photography a go. It’s being hard so far but at the moment a lot better than it was until end of May (when I finally got my first paid client). Then eventually I started shooting for an agency, became the official photographer for an awesome designer event, had a few commissioned magazine covers and here I am now, still a full time photographer. I also moved apartments and built an awesome home studio, which has changed things a lot for myself and my images. And to end the year well, I bought a new amazing camera (with what was left of my savings)! And of course, the new friends I made and the strengthening of the friendshipes I already had!

During this time, feelings of frustration and achievement were mixed and all happening at once, but I did learn that it might take a business at least 18 months to get off the ground, so the fact that it didn’t take me that long to be able to pay my bills is definitely a good thing!

Now I will just leave you with an overload of images I created this year, with some amazing people I met along the way. I hope you enjoy!

A very Merry Christmas to all and hopes that 2018 will bring even more excitement and creativity!


Please note I will not post photos of all the people I worked with this year.