My 2016 trip to Brazil

This year I went back to Brazil to see my family and friends – and also to solve some banking issues.

But I did have a lot of time in my hands so I organised with an old acquaintance – owner of an agency – to shoot with some of her agency’s models. I also shot with some friends.

Traveling to South America takes a long time so when going there you better stay for a while. My whole trip, including flights and wasted time in airports took three weeks.

Brisbane – Auckland – Buenos Aires – Porto Alegre – Pelotas – Rio Grande – Pelotas – Porto Alegre – Buenos Aires – Auckland – Brisbane.

To make the trip cheaper I had to spend a night in Argentina. Buenos Aires used to be an amazing city, but years and years of crisis, corruption and bad management made it look like any other South American city: buildings and infrastructure abandoned by the government, poor people everywhere, slum everywhere, people trying to con you, etc – at least it’s not as violent as Brazil. On the good side, their food is still amazing and considering their currency has a bad exchange rate, quite cheap. Had great dinner and breakfast while I was there.

I landed in Porto Alegre on Monday, 3rd October, and had three days to catch up with some old friends. On Thursday 6th I flew to Pelotas, hired a car and drove 60km to Rio Grande, my hometown.

It was a great time to see my family and catch up friends.

And with all that time in my hands, I shot a bit in my hometown.

Thaís Lopes, Kerolaine Rodrigues, Angel Rodrigues, Bruna Fernanda, Tamara Falcão, Luana Martins Caleffi, Sarah Lemos, Lara Goulart, Jéssica Dias.

And some more back in Porto Alegre, capital of my State. Two shoots with friends and one with a friend of a friend.

Guilherme Bulla, Cris Eifler and Letícia Machado.


After that I caught up with my in-laws and it was time to fly back.

Porto Alegre – Buenos Aires, over 8 hours in Buenos Aires airport looking for power outlets to plug the laptop in, over 13 hours from Buenos Aires to Auckland, and so on…